Friday, April 30, 2010

mid ohio food bank news letter

So, after a long time of not posting on my blog, here is the lowdown on my latest project. Viscomm II was challenged to create a newsletter for the Mid Ohio Food Bank, Operation Feed. We were given the branding information and a recent news letter created in MS Word from which we were to take copy. From the beginning I imagined the old newsletter as a kind of template for what could have been if the creator had the necessary tools. I began by picking two of the most obvious flaw in the old design: bad color combinations and low quality images. I decided that I wanted to go with a clean white background in order to make the colors I was left to work with work better together. From there I did a little bit searching about Swiss design, to see how to make simple look good. After that began work on the masthead, which gave me a little bit of direction as to where I wanted to take the project. In order to ad a bit more of a theme I used a font found at titled FOOD! To provide the necessary graphics to create simple visual markers. To keep the often clashing colors looking like they belong I regularly changed the tint to 30%.

Below are some side by side examples of the new newsletter v. the old one:

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